Lenz A Hand Benefits

  • Support


    The photography world is always longing for that one perfect, almost unexplained angle, the one shot that captures and glorifies the subject. Many times the use of a monopod or a tripod will help do the trick, but sometimes those items are to big and bulky to get the job done. With the limitations of a person's range of motion in mind Lenz A Hand gives the photographer the support to easily hold the camera for the lengthy photo shoots.

  • Stabilize


    Shaky hands? Fuzzy pictures? These are problems that photographers face every time they pick up the camera. Stabilizing yourself and your camera can be a challenge. A monopod or a tripod can definitely stabilize the shot, however those tools can be bulky and hinder range of motion. Lenz A Hand not only helps with the weight distribution of the camera to make it easier to hold and maneuver, it also allows you to use the handle as a mini leg to prop up your camera without carrying around the bigger stabilizer tools.

  • Focus


    In today's technology the cameras that are available really make focusing the shot very user friendly, however technology can not auto focus the users shaky hands, fatigue or not having a solid ground to get the photo you want. Lenz A Hand is lightweight and small, ergonomically designed to help distribute the weight of the camera to help with hand fatigue. Allowing you to hold on to the lens from a short distance away. Even the shakiest of hands won't effect the photo. Support, Stabilize & Focus your camera with Lenz A Hand!

I put it on my camera-it stays there and I am not taking it off. Ever.
Lenz-A-Hand™ is out to help photographers who need a tool that is capable of stabilizing the camera while providing the range of motion a tripod simply doesn’t deliver.
I would definitely suggest the Lenz-A-Hand™ to all photographers!
Another plus to the Lenz-A-Hand™; it’s great for those with limited hand mobility as it evenly distributes the weight of both the camera and lens. Fabulous for my carpel tunnel!

Compact, Lightweight & Durable

Helping you support, stabilize & focus your camera.